Alternative to Big Bang Theory Offered

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Challenging the widely held theory that the universe came into existence in a Big Bang, physicists Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok have proposed that instead, the universe has undergone an endless series of expansions and contractions. I’m not sure why, but these sorts of cosmological debates always strike me as funny. Your mileage may (almost certainly will) vary.

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  1. Kausik Nag Says:

    Suppose someone in a room, never goes out of the room or house, it is not possible for him/her to tell about the structure of the house if it is not seen from the outside. Similarly, it is not possible for us to even think or speculate anything about the creation of the universe or structure of the universe, because we are in the universe and we cannot possibly go out of it. It is beyond our reach.

  2. A.Williams Says:

    Well, Impossible is nothing. He made a good point above about Dark Energy what we really don’t know much about it but Universe can possibly end with how it began, however there is still way to go before expoloring such things theorically but just to reply Kausik Nag, that wouldn’t be part of truth that we won’t be able to determine Physics phenomenun because we are objects within it, Not at all. Nevertheless, I can’t get my hands on this subject since I haven’t taken any serious study about Cosmology but I know, To understand it you should study the fundamental forces in Atom and try to figure how they inertacted at the very begining of Time as we know (Big Bang,Since no one does knows anything before that) it started by ineraction of Fundamental Forces in nature and were shaped the way we see them now over the exact type of forces. The Forces that keep electron to be curved for years and years and etc. You should study different types of theories and arguments such as the idea of black holes and consider them with einstein’s general reletivity try to find out a relationship before sating such a general Closed idea of Human’s Rejection and disabling mankind for what they don’t understand for at this present Kausik.

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