Charges Dismissed in Texas Drug Bust Case

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Guardian Unlimited has the story of the dropping of charges against Tonya White, a woman accused of selling cocaine to Tom Coleman, a narcotics officer whose undercover investigation during 1998 and 1999 led to the arrests of 43 people. The problem in White’s case was apparently that she didn’t live anywhere near Tulia, Texas (the site of the alleged drug sale), and was able to produce bank records proving she was in Oklahoma, hundreds of miles away, at the time Coleman says she was selling him drugs. White’s attorney says the outcome shows that Coleman, who worked alone and used no audio or video surveillance, was simply a liar willing to send innocent people to prison to further his own career.

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  1. norma Says:

    2 friends were aressted august 2004 in texas for marijuana i dont know what city but the girl lori neiman is in huntsville county jail i think. id like to know what newspaper to look for for the article about them says the guys name is darryl huff both california resedints they had 2 kids with them at the time of arrested

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