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Thursday, June 14th, 2018



Are you kidding me? Counting Dongfeng’s bonus point for overall elapsed time, the top three boats in the Volvo will go into the final leg TIED on points.

It is to boggle!

Is that regardless of how Dongfeng finishes? Because they’re still out there.

Sorry; yeah, that assumes they finish in the current order.

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@a-solitary-sea-rover: You can tell your mom her team is…

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

@a-solitary-sea-rover: You can tell your mom her team is absolutely in this. Can’t wait to see who pulls it out in the next leg!

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Are you kidding me? Counting Dongfeng’s bonus point for overall…

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Are you kidding me? Counting Dongfeng’s bonus point for overall elapsed time, the top three boats in the Volvo will go into the final leg TIED on points.

It is to boggle!

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@aeternamente: Pre-Leg-10 interview with Charles, including his…

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

@aeternamente: Pre-Leg-10 interview with Charles, including his recap of the end of Leg 9.

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Around the world in 11 questions

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Around the world in 11 questions:

Cool interview with Bianca Cook of Turn the Tide on Plastic.

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Friday, June 1st, 2018



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Why the Volvo Ocean Race is the best “Big Four” event to watch first:

Thursday, May 31st, 2018


  • It involves both in-shore and offshore racing when the Olympics and America’s Cup are only inshore and the Vendée Globe is only offshore.
  • Unlike the AC or the Olympics, you get to see different oceans, coasts, and cities instead of watching racing in the same harbor for several days/weeks, BUT…
  • Unlike the VG, they travel around the world with stops, so people get the chance to see the boats up-close, the sailors get to rest, have fun, and see the sights, and the fans following online learn some local culture and geography.
  • Stopping to visit cities and see things instead of going nonstop is probably how most people would want to travel around the world, so this is relatable
  • There’s some degree of downtime during stops so you don’t fall COMPLETELY behind on your work.
  • The coverage and fan base are both very multilingual and international instead of most Vendée Globe fans living in France and it having mostly French-language coverage and most America’s Cup fans living in New Zealand and it having mostly English-language coverage. 
  • (…and it probably has the biggest fandom on Tumblr, just saying.)
  • Sometimes ordinary people have actually vaguely heard something about it once (not as often as with the AC, we admit, but it’s still more well-known in the Anglosphere than the VG and you’d be surprised how many people don’t know sailing is an Olympic sport… like my brother.)
  • There are dedicated media crewmembers on every boat and they take really good photos and video.
  • There are resources in both beginner and expert degrees of detail, and the public social media accounts are written in a very fun and friendly tone, so nobody has to feel intimidated by not knowing much about sailing yet.
  • There’s so much material that probably nobody with any other job can catch up on all the new content every day, so just pick and choose which channels you like.
  • The teams are international and we get to see them bond despite cultural differences and become epic fire-forged friends.
  • Most of the sailors do other big events in the interim, so you now have someone to follow in those events when they happen.
  • There are lots of kick-awesome female sailors and there have been for decades.
  • The teams and management care about sustainability and the environment.
  • The boats and sails are bright, cheery colors and not just red, black, white, and gray.
  • If you ever DO get up-to-date, you can jump right into learning about the past races on the official website and YouTube channel and then find books and magazine articles for more detail.
  • Once the race ends, you can do that to keep busy until the next one.


  • Because it only happens every few years, it may NOT be the first Big Four event you follow… but at least then you can compare them and decide if you agree with me or not!

(…and it probably has the biggest fandom on Tumblr, just saying.)

Heh. Yes; hear us roar! The mighty Volvo Ocean Race Tumblr Fandom!


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lies:Navigator Pascal Bidégorry of Dongfeng Race Team. As of…

Thursday, May 31st, 2018


Navigator Pascal Bidégorry of Dongfeng Race Team. As of January 9, 2015, Dongfeng is leading the 38,000-mile Volvo Ocean Race, sailing south through the Arabian Sea en route to Sanya, China. Source.

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Next edition of the race planned for 2021 under new ownership

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Next edition of the race planned for 2021 under new ownership:


So, we have to wait a little longer for the next VOR than we expected— 2021 instead of 2020—but that makes sense if they want to change the type of boat and there will apparently be some kind of racing before then.

But between the AC and the VOR, 2021 could be a blast!

“Opening the race to another existing class would allow us to tap into an existing inventory of round the world race boats that are at the cutting edge of technology. We see this as a way to challenge the best sailors in the world with a class that encourages development and sits at the forefront of the sport.”

So that would be what; IMOCA 60′s?

I hope it pans out, but there’s a fair amount of handwaving going on at this point. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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Crash CamTurn the Tide on Plastic, 2018-05-25, North Atlantic…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Crash Cam

Turn the Tide on Plastic, 2018-05-25, North Atlantic Ocean

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Bianca “You Can Clip Me In, But You Can’t Stop My Moves”…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Bianca “You Can Clip Me In, But You Can’t Stop My Moves” Cook

Turn the Tide on Plastic, North Atlantic Ocean, May 25, 2018 [Source]

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Sea of GlassDongfeng in the Bristol Channel, May 28, 2018. As of…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Sea of Glass

Dongfeng in the Bristol Channel, May 28, 2018. As of the end of Leg 9 Dongfeng Race Team leads the Volvo Ocean Race by a single point.

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Don’t bother Pascal when he’s working.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Don’t bother Pascal when he’s working.

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lies: Turn the Tide on Plastic, Volvo Ocean Race Leg 9,…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018


Turn the Tide on Plastic, Volvo Ocean Race Leg 9, 2018-05-25

I haven’t been obsessing in here that much about the race (not that you’d notice, unless you followed me during the last edition when I talked about it all the time). But I’ve been following it, mostly through my project to describe and tag all the “raw content” videos being uploaded off the boats. 1,087 videos so far; whew.

But I wanted to share this one. The race is winding down; they’re doing the last big ocean-crossing leg (the transatlantic). They should be finishing in Cardiff in a few days, and after that there are just two relatively short legs to decide the final results.

I love this video. It feels nostalgic after all the “washing machine” shots I’ve watched. This could have been just more of the same, but on-board reporter Martin Keruzoré manages to make it meaningful. I think he’s probably feeling similarly about the end of the race. This could be his last chance to document what it’s like on board in these conditions.

I also just really love this crew. You feel like you’re on board when you watch all the videos, and there’s something about being part of a crew that just seeps into you.

This crew, in particular, has been special. Coming in at the last minute with a bunch of under-30s who in many cases had no previous offshore experience, it’s been wonderful to watch them grow into the badasses they are now. Yes, they’re not super high in the standings, but they’re absolutely competing with the leaders. They are right there.

And for anyone to be out in conditions like this, racing a boat like this, is an accomplishment. I’m so proud of them. They give me hope for the future.

Personal highlights:

0:10 – Martin flexing some life into his gloved hand. It’s been *cold*. One of the boats had an iceberg on the radar last night.

0:21 – Bernardo’s face. The determination. Ugh.

0:38 – 1:15 – Liz and Bianca coiling lines in the pit. They just did a sail change, and they’re cleaning up the mess.

1:35 – Goofball Boat Mom Dee. That she’s taken a crew like this around the world, keeping them safe and in the hunt, is super-impressive to me. An icon.

2:15 – Bianca. I love comparing this shot of her to the sequence of her back on Leg 2, when her life vest deployed and Liz grabbed her and she told her mum not to worry b/c she was clipped in.

2:57 – 3:04 – Dee’s and Liz’s expressions really get me here. These two (and Martin) are the most experienced on the boat, the ones who’ve carried the most responsibility in terms of looking out for the others and getting them home safe.

So far all this footage is from inside the cabin. There’s a pair of brief interviews below with Bernardo and Bleddyn, and then Martin (the OBR, I mean) gets the waterproof housing and gets out into it with the crew. And it’s just so cool. It’s the difference between epic slomo footage of mythic heroes and heroines, and being part of it, in the midst of all that craziness and feeling that adrenaline.

4:50 – Bianca dancing. Liz on the helm joins in (b/c of course she does). Even Mr. Serious Bernardo, on the mainsheet, busts a move. How can you not love these people?

5:25 – Liz ducks a wave. Steering in these conditions is a non-stop firehose of salt water in the face. Their eyes are red and streaming when they come off the wheel.

5:35 – Liz goes into her tube stance, surfing a barrel, dude, under the cabin coaming. 😜

6:31 – The crash cam. In the cabin there’s a button they can hit that will save the last few minutes of video to permanent storage. They usually leave it on the stern camera, so when you see a stern camera clip like this you know something’s coming. And… bam. Triple wipe-out. Grinder, trimmer, and helmsman, all washed into the back of the boat by a wave. It’s hard to tell, but I think that might be Lucas on the helm, Bleddyn on the sheet, and Annalise, who had the least protection and got washed the farthest, the last to resume her position on the pedestal and give a thumbs up.

So awesome.

Yup; Annalise was the one blown off the pedestal at the end (and I previously saw confirmation that the helmsman was indeed Lucas).

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These are very serious professionals.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

These are very serious professionals.

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Like everyone’s so sad and frustrated but holy shit you guys just LOOK AROUND YOU RIGHT NOW. I guess you wouldn’t get where they are in the sailing world without having a certain amount of tunnel vision, but like what’s the point if you can’t take a step back and enjoy the pretty? Like they’re basically saying through heaven. But idk I’m not a sailor. Anyway I had feelings.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

(Continued from here)

Yes! IKR??

I just rewatched that video of them in the Bristol Channel and it’s true; something about the combination of how absolutely glassy flat it was and so quiet and the 4-knot breeze just gently breathing over them and THAT LIGHT it was just… breathtakingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful.

And Pascal is putting his hand in Jérémie’s camera lens and flipping him off, and Charles is just muttering, muttering, because there’s nothing they can do, and they get the sched that says Brunel and AkzoNobel, only 18 miles away on the south side of the channel, are in 20 KNOTS OF WIND! And he can’t know what fans knew watching the tracker, which is that it was just a momentary puff; both boats were back in 6 knots of wind a few minutes later. But on board they only get the sched once every 6 hours, and it will be 0100 UTC before they get another update and they are STUCK on the north side, committed, with no way to get across the adverse current; they’re just going to sit there and wallow while the fleet sails past them.

So for Charles it’s just like *fuck me*; it’s the Newport arrival all over again, when they went from leading the leg with every expectation of winning down to finishing 4th in the last few miles. Or going back to the last edition when they were on track to threaten ADOR for the overall race lead heading toward Cape Horn and then the mast just snapped and he slammed his hand on the wheel and screamed.

He’s usually so low-key. He’s quiet, and seems easy-going. But he is intensely competitive, even in a group full of hyper-competitive types, and you can see it there. He’s got nowhere to go and nothing he can do and you can totally see it in how his normal Mr. calm demeanor is gone and he’s just VIBRATING with frustration.

And yeah, the contrast between that and the quiet beauty around him, the awesome majesty of it, was so moving. It was like an almighty power of the universe enfolding them, and them being in it and part of it and yet unable to step outside themselves and witness it even as it moved through them.

Or something. Anyway, yeah, agree.

ETA: Here’s the video:

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What do you think of Brunel’s chances of winning the whole thing?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Here are the standings after adding in the (double) points from Leg 9:

Dongfeng 50+10=60
Mapfre 53+6=59
Brunel 42+15=57
Akzonobel 36+12=48
Vestas 28+8=36
Scallywag 27+2=29
TTToP 22+4=26

There are two short (single points) legs remaining, where boats get 1 point for finishing, plus 1 point for each competitor they beat, plus a bonus point for first place. So: first = 8 points, second = 6, third = 5, etc.

There is also a single bonus point for the team that has the lowest elapsed time over the race as a whole, which at this point looks like it will be going to Dongfeng. So give them an extra point.

Finally, there’s a tiebreaker based on the in-port race standings, which currently are exactly the same as the overall standings except with MAPFRE and Dongfeng switched; i.e., MAPFRE first and Dongfeng second.

So for Brunel to take first place overall they would need to gain 5 points on Dongfeng and 3 points on MAPFRE over the next two legs. Not inconceivable, especially if one of those two has a gear failure or some other big problem. But it’s an uphill climb.

Brunel has been very strong lately. The combination of Bouwe’s experience and Peter’s intensity, analytic rigor, and grind-it-out incremental improvement is paying off.

I think that performance-wise the top three boats are all super-close. It could come down to tactics and luck in the remaining tricky coastal racing.

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New overall race leader. 😀

Monday, May 28th, 2018

New overall race leader. 😀

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a-solitary-sea-rover: What nobody told us about attending the…

Saturday, May 26th, 2018



What nobody told us about attending the stopover was that the Volvo Ocean Race sailors were just casually walking around the Race Village, mixed in with the crowds, and pretty much always willing to stop for photos with people.

It was incredible, you guys. 

 – Sophie Ciszek, at Pit Row, just after returning from the practice racing around the harbor on Thursday.

– Xabi Fernandez, same.

– Blair Tuke, I told him I had an online friend whose real name I didn’t know (@foreveralonewithfiftyyachts) from the same part of New Zealand who saw him as an inspiration and that both of us wanted to thank him for everything he’s done. So now he knows you exist, I guess.

– Okay, so this is kind of embarassing, but on Thursday after the practice racing, Turn The Tide On Plastic was docked at a slip on the opposite side of the Pit Row from all of the other boats, next to the dock that the water taxi from elsewhere in Newport was coming in at, so there weren’t as many people gathered to watch/cheer for them. I went to the end of the dock to watch and I shouted “AW YEAH TTOP!” and some of the sailors turned their heads to look. Dee Caffari actually looked up and said “What?”, so then I was really embarrassed and said, in more of a normal voice, “GO TTOP!”

So then the next day, when we were touring the Boatyard as part of the Race Village Experience, we saw Liz Wardley and when I asked if we could take a picture, she said “You’re the one who was shouting.” But she wasn’t annoyed and she liked that I liked the team and her videos of Wisdom. She said she would have to make more!

– Then when we saw Dee Caffari, she also said “You were yelling yesterday.” She was fine with it, too, and was glad that I was a fan. 

– Bouwe Bekking, this whole set were right before the Sailors’ Parade on Saturday before the In-Port Race, so there were a lot of people who wanted pictures and I didn’t get to talk as much. But they were all still really nice. 

– Kyle Langford, I said I had seen him at the America’s Cup World Series New York and he said it was a great event. Unfortunately, the person who took the picture of us caught me with this stupid expression on my face.

– Another awkward pic, I clicked the button right when Pascal Bidégorry blinked and didn’t realize until later.

– David Witt, who called his companion “the infamous” Andrew Cape.

– Martine Grael, I tried explaining “My Dad doesn’t know anything about sailing, but when he watches the videos of the arrivals, he says that your Dad and you remind him of when I come home from college so our family is rooting for you” but I was starstruck and in a hurry because of everyone else, so I think it came out sounding kind of jumbled and she may not have understood. Sorry if I seemed weird. 

– Charlie Enright, who was probably pretty tired of taking pics by this point in the stopover.

– Peter Burling, just before the Sailors’ Parade for the departure. I was actually just walking around thinking “The only person I follow closely I haven’t met yet is…” right before this, so of course I went over. 

(And yes, I am very short and they are all very tall.)

Bonus famous people:

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This is the most awesome post ever. You must have worked really hard to get all those selfies! And your choice of faves is, of course, impeccable. 🙂👍

Oh, also: I really like the one of Pascal. It looks like he’s catching a quick nap — I’m sure he’s really good at that by now. 😜

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SurfingSophie Ciszek trims the main on MAPFRE, North Atlantic…

Friday, May 25th, 2018


Sophie Ciszek trims the main on MAPFRE, North Atlantic Ocean, 2018-05-25. As of the start of Leg 9 MAPFRE is in first place in the Volvo Ocean Race.

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