Paper Beats Rock

Friday, June 26th, 2015




Summary: We learn from the comics that Rictus is afraid of Furiosa. I think we need more details than that.

The first time Rictus fought her (tried fighting her) she’d just been making a name for herself with the scouts. Furiosa had learned her way across every inch of her vehicle with the Repair boys and been given a trial promotion. She’d done well on the trip, they’ve just come back with a new bloodbag. She’d bolo’d them when they were running away. (She didn’t bother looking at their face.)

Rictus blocked her path from the garages.

“What’s this?” He jeered, “What’s this? Does she think she’s can do war?”

Furiosa tucked her chin down and the War Boys drifted back to the walls.

“Does she think she doesn’t belong in the breeding pens?” Rictus grinned, “I’ll move you there myself.”

He went at her fast, lifting a hand open palmed and as it swung at her face Furiosa darted both hands out and locked his wrist. Jerked it hard towards her core and pivoted with a sharp twist and brought down Rictus onto his back with a thump. Followed him with a knee to the tender of his sternum and, with her full weight behind it, slammed her elbow against his nose.

The room was silent but for her breathing, as she got up and put some distance between them. Blood ran in dribbles down her arm.

It took less than three seconds.

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God damn you’re good at this. I keep trying to write stuff, but I get caught up in novella like writing. Time in the stuff you write is fluid but coherent, and I just… how? 

Also, I don’t even know if I saw you ever talking about how Rictus was supposed to not feel pain, and I was concerned the whole way through that he’d react in some way to pain, but aside from Maybe the groin kick, nope. You did it without him necessarily having needed to feel pain. *applause*

Haaa omg thank you. And I guess I try to just firmly stay in POV, basically as much as possible write the story as if it’s experienced.

I… Honestly forgot that fact about Rictus. I was just writing the way I thought Furiosa would react. Also felt there was barely time for pacing and the action scenes still feel weirdly mistimed, or like… It’s not happening at the speed of experience but at the speed of audience comprehension and that makes me twitchy because that means I’m guessing (and second guessing) at the audience.

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