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Thursday, November 16th, 2017


If amazon tries to sex up lord of the rings to compete with game of thrones i will raise Tolkien from the dead myself to tell them to fuck off

I haven’t read up on this at all. I have an odd (to me) attitude about Amazon doing some kind of LOTR adaptation. I know the odds are it will be terrible, because the odds are that any screen adaptation of a beloved novel will be terrible. Even the people who delivered an imperfect but wonderful adaptation like the LOTR movies still screwed up The Hobbit.*

*Not really the same people. Not completely screwed up in every regard. Not my clown/not my circus. I’m glad you love Tauriel. This is an infinite-possibilities/infinite-fandoms-friendly blog. YMMV. PDQ. KTHXBYE.


I’m okay with them doing this. It might actually be okay. Exhibit A in my Might Actually Be Okay case: The 2005 P&P. Which had no business being made, because a perfect and wonderful and impossible-to-improve-upon adaptation already existed. So I went and sat in the theater and said okay, Joe Wright, do your worst. And… it was enchanting and wonderful and completely different and yes it was bound by its runtime and okay if forced I have to say Jennifer’s Lizzy reigns supreme where Keira’s, to my mind, merely did what she had to to make the beautiful images work but that’s just me and it’s not a contest and there are different kinds of perfect and don’t make me use the asterisk again, okay?

The point is I loved it. And even a chance for something like that is worth many, many things that suck.

I did see a tiny something about the Amazon thing that seemed to imply it would be Silmarillion-based rather than Third Age? Which, if true, go get ’em. But even if not, go make this thing that’s completely different than the source material, and problematic like GOT is problematic compared to ASOIAF; I don’t care. I mean, I care. But it doesn’t exist, and once you’ve made it it will exist. And in order to live in a world that has beauties that pierce like swords and burn like cold iron; in order for hearts, wounded with sweet words, to overflow; in order to pass in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness, you have to let people make things. Even if most of them suck.

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Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Submitted to david‘s Ask Me Anything:

Why do you allow sponsored posts depicting gore, mutilation, and corpses to be inserted into users’ dashboards? Isn’t that a violation of Tumblr’s own Community Guidelines?

Warning: Links lead to graphic horror (first three) and aggravating hypocrisy (last one).

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