I noticed that the cars BTS video has the sweetest closeup yet…

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

I noticed that the cars BTS video has the sweetest closeup yet of the Nux car bobblehead. I think it’s cute that the left eye (which would be the Nux-facing one, given the Nux car’s right-hand drive) has a cool eyeball, while the right eye just has a bolt:

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Favorite props: The crow-skull bobbleheadfor icarus-suraki

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Favorite props: The crow-skull bobblehead

for icarus-suraki

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icarus-suraki: xenowhore: sickmonkeyiswarboytrash: lauraathena…

Friday, July 10th, 2015






A lil something for the fans at home.  Nux’s tooth weapon things :3

…I just realized Nux never killed a single person in this whole movie…

What I find more endearing than the tooth things is Nux’s EYEBALL gearstick. 

The amount of customisation on his car is adorable. I can just imagine him spending all his free time making weird little modifications and decorations for it. I mean, even his wheel is the most complicated in terms of design compared to the others we see. 

Artist!Nux is canon, I am convinced. Even his scarification is more advanced and more symmetrical than the other War Boys’. And he freaking NAMES and gives faces to his tumours. He lives in a little fantasy world most of the time, I’m sure of it. Seriously, it’s the kind of thing I used to do as a kid. (Not scar myself, but customise things I owned, have imaginary friends, decorate myself, believe in supernatural beings etc.)

Oh I feel ya. I’m 25 and still write and draw on myself cuz gosh darnit why not don’t stunt my creativity :3

Slit’s a wee on the artsy side himself, dudes got lil dudes carved into his arm with lil explosions and it’s positively adorable. Plus his AC vambrace not so hidden blade he’s got on. Who else has one of those? Who?! No one :3

And the two boys go hand in hand as the best driver with the best lancer in quite possibly the best car, how much more radical can it get?

This whole post is A+ Good Shit.

Can we get some love for the bouncy metal crow skull dashboard ornament too? I will bet you a gallon of guzzoline that he’s named that thing.

Give me a sec…

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