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Friday, February 8th, 2019


Shipwrecked is now on Patreon!

After a lot of thought and discussion (and, a pretty weird meeting as you can see in the video), we’ve decided to launch a Patreon. We’re hoping that this will help support us financially as a group, enable us to make more content more often, and give us a way to connect with you all on a regular basis!

What is Patreon? It’s an awesome way of crowdfunding that helps creators be supported directly by their audience. Rather than a one-time pledge, like on Kickstarter, you can pledge to support us at a monthly level. That way, we continually have money coming in for all the various fees we have, writing we’re doing, or on-set production costs. And you get cool things in return and become a part of our Shipwrecked Patreon community.

Here are the different rewards you can sign up for:

$1/month – Each month you will get access to a written update detailing what all we’ve been up to.

$5/month – Not only will you will get a written update detailing what we’ve all been up to in the month, but you’ll also unlock an exclusive patrons-only vlog as well as early access to all our videos!

$10/month – All of the above, as well as access to a monthly 2-hour Shipwrecked livestream just for patrons.

$15/month – At this level we’ll send you a monthly postcard featuring a beautiful BTS image from one of our productions or a photo from one of our vintage shoots, signed by us and sent to your home. You’ll also get access to our exclusive bts twitter with production updates, just for patrons. Plus all of the above!

$25/month – BTS heaven! At this level, you’ll receive access to pinterest boards, scripts, production diaries, spreadsheets–every behind the scenes aspect of our production process. Plus all of the above!

$50/month – At this level you will receive a handwritten note either from a historical figure of note or from a Shipwrecked character. Always wanted to correspond with Lady Lenore? Now’s your chance! Not only that, but each month you will get an audio download of a different Poe Party author’s actor reading an excerpt from one of their works. Sean Persaud reading Poe? Joey Richter reading Hemingway? Yes please. Also includes all of the above.

$100/month – This level ensures you will get your name in the credits of each video you help support. You’ll also get an exclusive signed poster for the projects we complete that you’ve supported, and a monthly digital movie night with those of us here at Shipwrecked–and you get to help us choose the movie! Also includes all of the above.

$250/month – At this level you will get a monthly half-hour skype session with us. Not only that, but you get to name a character in one of our projects! Also includes every other tier reward.

We also have goals for fun things that we’ll do when we reach certain funding milestones! Our first goal is to reach $250/month, which once we hit, we’ll be covering all our expenses we have as an operating group. Stay tuned to see what the higher level goals will be – there’s some fun stuff in store!

We are so excited to embark on this journey, and we hope you will be too. Rather than launching mini-crowdfunding campaigns like we did with American Whoopee and Cryptmas Carol, we hope that having a Patreon will enable to us receive support on a rolling basis and that will help us make more stuff more often. And help support us as we go on meetings, write pitches, and plan for the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Patreon!

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