shipwreckedcomedy: Shipwrecked Comedy proudly presents: Sinéad…

Monday, March 18th, 2019


Shipwrecked Comedy proudly presents: Sinéad Sits Quietly in a Chair Eating Jam

It’s right there in the title, folks.

Featuring: Sinéad Persaud and Bonne Maman Boysenberry Preserves

Shot by: Ryan Garcia

Edited by: Sean Persaud

This video was a Patreon goal! Help us reach our next goal and become a part of our Patreon community here. 

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gone-to-oregone: Fun fact I would die for Sinéad Persaud

Monday, March 18th, 2019


Fun fact I would die for Sinéad Persaud

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Is there a like a timeline thing to watching all of Shipwrecked Comedy so I understand it better (I’m new, I have no idea what I’m doing and I have recently fell in love with their content!)

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Not really. You can go to their youtube channel and pick whatever.

I started with Poe Party, bc…I mean, it’s Poe Party. (I just posted the masterpost on it, so I’d go by that for its timeline)

As for the rest, I then watched all the BTS and Bloopers for Poe Party (which you don’t have to watch, but it’s there, and why the hell wouldn’t you??) then went on to The Case of the Gilded Lily, which is a detective noir thing. Really excellent.

Then American Whoopie, which is a silent movie spoof. And absolutely hilarious.

So yeah, just check out their youtube channel

It’s all there and it’s all great and there’s not real watch order so it’s all up to you. Or if you’re like me and have trouble making decisions, just do the order I went in XD

And maybe when you’re done you can contribute to their Patreon! Since they met a certain amount, they’ll be doing a table reading of the movie Clue, and Patrons get to vote on who is cast as which character and I can’t fucking wait.

I contributed $5/month, but you can do the $1/mo, or up to $250, and you don’t have to do every month, you can do it whenever you’re able, and you’ll still be supporting this amazing group of awesome and creative people and I swear I’m not paid to promote them they just deserve the world XD

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jaynaneeya: Romantic Shipwrecked moments, in honor of…

Thursday, February 14th, 2019


Romantic Shipwrecked moments, in honor of Valentine’s Day

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balloonwhisk:A HEIST!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019



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shipwreckedcomedy: Shipwrecked is now on Patreon! After a lot of…

Friday, February 8th, 2019


Shipwrecked is now on Patreon!

After a lot of thought and discussion (and, a pretty weird meeting as you can see in the video), we’ve decided to launch a Patreon. We’re hoping that this will help support us financially as a group, enable us to make more content more often, and give us a way to connect with you all on a regular basis!

What is Patreon? It’s an awesome way of crowdfunding that helps creators be supported directly by their audience. Rather than a one-time pledge, like on Kickstarter, you can pledge to support us at a monthly level. That way, we continually have money coming in for all the various fees we have, writing we’re doing, or on-set production costs. And you get cool things in return and become a part of our Shipwrecked Patreon community.

Here are the different rewards you can sign up for:

$1/month – Each month you will get access to a written update detailing what all we’ve been up to.

$5/month – Not only will you will get a written update detailing what we’ve all been up to in the month, but you’ll also unlock an exclusive patrons-only vlog as well as early access to all our videos!

$10/month – All of the above, as well as access to a monthly 2-hour Shipwrecked livestream just for patrons.

$15/month – At this level we’ll send you a monthly postcard featuring a beautiful BTS image from one of our productions or a photo from one of our vintage shoots, signed by us and sent to your home. You’ll also get access to our exclusive bts twitter with production updates, just for patrons. Plus all of the above!

$25/month – BTS heaven! At this level, you’ll receive access to pinterest boards, scripts, production diaries, spreadsheets–every behind the scenes aspect of our production process. Plus all of the above!

$50/month – At this level you will receive a handwritten note either from a historical figure of note or from a Shipwrecked character. Always wanted to correspond with Lady Lenore? Now’s your chance! Not only that, but each month you will get an audio download of a different Poe Party author’s actor reading an excerpt from one of their works. Sean Persaud reading Poe? Joey Richter reading Hemingway? Yes please. Also includes all of the above.

$100/month – This level ensures you will get your name in the credits of each video you help support. You’ll also get an exclusive signed poster for the projects we complete that you’ve supported, and a monthly digital movie night with those of us here at Shipwrecked–and you get to help us choose the movie! Also includes all of the above.

$250/month – At this level you will get a monthly half-hour skype session with us. Not only that, but you get to name a character in one of our projects! Also includes every other tier reward.

We also have goals for fun things that we’ll do when we reach certain funding milestones! Our first goal is to reach $250/month, which once we hit, we’ll be covering all our expenses we have as an operating group. Stay tuned to see what the higher level goals will be – there’s some fun stuff in store!

We are so excited to embark on this journey, and we hope you will be too. Rather than launching mini-crowdfunding campaigns like we did with American Whoopee and Cryptmas Carol, we hope that having a Patreon will enable to us receive support on a rolling basis and that will help us make more stuff more often. And help support us as we go on meetings, write pitches, and plan for the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Patreon!

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lies: shipwreckedcomedy: Tomorrow, we sit down for our weirdest…

Thursday, February 7th, 2019



Tomorrow, we sit down for our weirdest meeting yet. 

Light the Raven Signal!! Something is happening!

I tried not to engage in irresponsible speculation, but, well…

So. What do we know? The script:

Sarah: How did you hear about this guy again?

Sean: Uh, my friend Kyle from fantasy baseball said he helped him out of a jam once.

MK: Isn’t it weird to have an office on a sound stage?

Sarah: I mean at least it’s on a studio lot. That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

[Title]: Who is Shipwrecked meeting?

[Title]: Find out tomorrow!

Things we know about the person they’re meeting:

1. He’s a he.

2. I don’t think he’s someone famous, since at least in-world they sound like they’re not super-familiar with him already. Sarah asks Sean “how did you hear about this guy again?” I think if he was someone well-known the line would have been worded differently. (”How did you get this meeting again?” “How did you get in touch with this guy?” Something like that.) (But see discussion of floor wax below.)

3. He has an office on a sound stage on a studio lot. (At least it’s a studio lot in-world. Though in reality it could have been shot at the YouTube space. I took a quick look at some of the recent BTS videos on MK’s channel without spotting any obvious correlation with what they’re wearing in this video, though I don’t suppose that means anything.)

The “office” offers some interesting set-dressing clues. The guy they’re meeting has a nice-looking office chair to sit in, while the Shipwreckies are in folding chairs (but nice folding chairs with padded seats):

Let’s take a closer look at the desk:

There’s a green-lampshade lamp and a dark… something… on the edge of the desk closest to Our Heroes (partly obscured by Sarah’s head). There’s a Rolodex. And there are three VHS tapes leaning against the lamp. I can’t quite tell what movies they are, but it would be cool if they were significant.

Here they are zoomed in:

Here they are from the reverse angle:

Anyone recognize any of those?

The other interesting thing on the desk is this: On the far corner (from the Fearless Foursome’s perspective) there’s what looks like a dark case of some kind. The lid is open, and there’s what looks like a card or a piece of paper with writing on it stuck on the lid, slightly askew:

No idea what that is, but I’m guessing it’s involved in the scene we’ll see tomorrow.

Backing up and putting on my speculation hat, what do I think?

I think it’s a new project (obviously). I think whoever comes through the door is going to be someone cool and exciting for Shipwrecked fans (since otherwise it would feel like a bait-and-switch to tease his identity so hard).

Something that would be cool would be if it were a character from a previous Shipwrecked production: Poe (which would take some editing), HG, someone from Gilded Lily…

Hm. OR… he could be a floor wax AND a whipped topping. That is, he could be a real person we’d recognize and be excited to see, but in-character as a fictional character involved in whatever the new project is.

What a fun mystery!

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Thursday, January 31st, 2019

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lies: Favorite Characters: Sarah Grace Hart as Emily Dickinson…

Monday, December 3rd, 2018


Favorite Characters: Sarah Grace Hart as Emily Dickinson in Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

for @aeternamente

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lies:Favorite Poe Party Arrivals: Emily Dickinson You don’t know…

Monday, December 3rd, 2018


Favorite Poe Party Arrivals: Emily Dickinson

You don’t know how long I tried to figure out how to caption the sound Lenore makes in that last gif.

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lies: Favorite Characters: Lenore the Lady Ghost

Friday, November 30th, 2018


Favorite Characters: Lenore the Lady Ghost

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shipwreckedcomedy:                          A sneak peek at our…

Friday, November 30th, 2018


                         A sneak peek at our Poe Holiday Short!

Dear old Poe will be arriving back at Shipwrecked Comedy just in time for the holidays! We had our first day of shooting on our new project featuring Poe, Lenore, and Annabel this past week at the YouTube Space! The footage looks incredible and it was so fun to visit these old friends again. We did, however, realize that we needed to add another shoot day, so if you were on the fence about donating, please know we could really use your help! We want this short to be the best it can be, and in true Shipwrecked fashion, we can’t ever do anything small. Every little bit helps! Click here to see the list of perks and here to donate. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these beautiful photos from our set photographer Mike Taing.

Help bring our Poe Holiday Short to life!

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silvernyxa: [ @sineadpersaud ]

Friday, November 30th, 2018


[ @sineadpersaud ]

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craftyturtleart: Edgar Allan Poe and the lovely Annabel Lee

Monday, November 19th, 2018


Edgar Allan Poe and the lovely Annabel Lee

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icecreampizzer: That’s it. That’s the whole show. Also it’s…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018


That’s it. That’s the whole show.

Also it’s Edgar Allan Poe’s 209th birthday today and it would be a shame if you won’t watch Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Invite Only Casual Dinner Party/Gala for Friends Potluck so GO WATCH IT!

Heck; watch it right here!

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Stuff is happening

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Stuff is happening

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hartgracesarah: shipwreckedcomedy: In one week, Shipwrecked…

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017



In one week, Shipwrecked takes on a new case…

Well, this should be fun:)

It’s happening!!!!

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marykatewiles: shipwreckedcomedy:               The Ladies of…

Saturday, May 13th, 2017



              The Ladies of Shipwrecked Present: Vintage Disney Villains!

We had so much fun on our Gotham Sirens shoot earlier this year that we wanted to do it again, only this time embodying our very favorite evil Disney ladies. Thanks again to our resident photographer/photo editor David Cater and his lovely wife Genevieve Swords for helping us bring Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent to life in this way! Who shall we vintage-ify next? Only time will tell, you poor, unfortunate souls!

I’m not kidding when say that as a child I would walk around my house pretending to stroke an imaginary raven atop my imaginary staff with my middle two fingers. I have loved Maleficent all my life and had a BLAST being her for this shoot. Who should we be next??

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Do you think we’re getting a second season of Poe Party?Or at least something else in the same universe?

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

I haven’t heard anything specifically saying that. What I have seen are a number of hints about “the next thing” Shipwrecked is working on. I think I’ve heard that:

  • It will be significantly different in some ways, while being broadly similar in tone and inspiration. So I’m guessing that means a mix of intelligent comedy/snerk + shippiness. Maybe literary-inspired and/or period, but also maybe not? It’s all very much a mystery, including that it may or not be very much a mystery. :-)
  • Sinéad and Sean have started writing it.
  • They’d like to not have to crowdfund it. The hope is PoeParty will be seen as successful enough by people with big piles of money that those people will be able to be persuaded (which I wanted to write as “Persauded”, which I guess works too) to put some of that money into funding the next thing. As opposed to their saying, in effect, “Yeah, that looks neat. We don’t want to pay for that, but we’d be interested in hiring you to work on this different thing we have over here.” Which is what I understand Shipwrecked went through for a long time in trying to get Poe Party made, before they decided to do it themselves.

I may be misinformed and wrong about this. Or I may be more or less right, but things could still change going forward based on unforeseen events.

I’m trying to take each day, each chapter, as it comes. I feel lucky that this little thing I loved grew up to become this bigger thing I love even more. The only reason that happened is that some wonderfully talented people took risks and dedicated a big chunk of their lives to making it happen, and for myself I’m just trying to appreciate how special that is.

Whether or not that magic happens again, I’m just going to have to wait and see.

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Monday, July 21st, 2014


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