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Friday, November 8th, 2019



We are so excited to announce that the project we made for Buffer Festival this year, A Book By Its Cover, will be premiering on our channel in one week!


For some reason I formed the vague notion that Little VVomen was the Buffer thing. I think because it seemed tonally different than most previous Shipwrecked stuff, so maybe my brain filed it away in that particular dusty corner. (Of my brain. My brain has dusty corners.)

But I’d heard the title “A Book by it’s Cover” already, so my wacky mistaken belief can only be explained by me being a Bad Fan who hasn’t been obsessing as thoroughly as the wonderful creators of Shipwrecked deserve.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing this, and seeing how it departs from what hitherto has been Shipwrecked-Style Content™️.

Change is good. Hard to embrace that particular philosophy in these particular days with all the doses of double-plus-not-good change we’ve been getting, but it remains an irrefutable fact: Change is good.

So. There it is.

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