I thought a lot about color, because I’m a little bit…

Friday, August 4th, 2017

I thought a lot about color, because I’m a little bit obsessed with color. In the opening it’s all color. Right? It’s every color. And that is life, and that is beauty, and if we were living a balanced life. And that was always what I loved about Themiscyra…

And then what was interesting was when we got into man’s world, I didn’t want there to be an overwhelming array of color. And that’s actually true to the period, because paints are limited and pigments are going to be limited back then. And so we really struggled with what is the language of that world vs. Themiscyra, which is this incredible idyllic island-light world.

And we ended up landing on John Singer Sargent, who’s one of my favorite painters. But John Singer Sargent is very modern in a way. He’s very pop in a way. Because he would make these incredibly bold choices where all the shadows go to black, and then only this red stands out, and only this white.

And that really informed everything, it’s like it is, man’s world is much more limited, controlled. It’s within smaller pockets. There’s actually a lot of color. But the color is only blue, gray, not green. You know. It’s like blues, grays, red, and white. And so it was kind of cool to get to dig into suddenly a very controlled palette of life, life as we know it in man’s world.

– Patty Jenkins, The Treatment, June 14, 2017

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