Alright, so here’s what we’re gonna do: we put Yann Guichard, Alex Thomson, and Dean Barker in a room and we get an exorcist… from every religion… in alphabetical order… to do their thing until all of their curses are broken.

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019


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kaiyves replied to your photoset “a-solitary-sea-rover: What nobody told us about attending…

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

replied to your photoset “a-solitary-sea-rover:

What nobody told us about attending the…”

@lies​ I think about this post a lot too and sometimes I get sad when I see it because my life can’t always be so awesome.

It was a great weekend, a fantastic weekend, but everyday life just seems so boring in comparison.

I can imagine. But look at the photos! You were there! You got to schmooze with all of them, which is just mind-blowing to me. Having watched all the videos but never having met any of them in person, I can only imagine what that was like.

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What goes “Ha ha ha PLUNK!”? Someone laughing their head off.

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Come for the birds and landscape photos; stay for the dad jokes. 👍

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Happy Thanksgiving, Lies! I am thankful that you are my friend!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Aw, thanks! Same here. :-)

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Are you calling me illogical?!? (Just kidding)

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Only in comparison to the Frege fandom. 😀

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(2/2) She really liked how happy TTOP were when they won, so I showed her the video of Dongfeng crossing the line to win overall and she was really touched by seeing them cry in joy, and because I said “Wow, somebody other than Pascal swore”, she wanted to see the “Dongfeng Frustration” video next and laughed at it. I’m really glad I helped her discover the VOR even though it’s all over except the prize-giving.

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

I still haven’t watched that video (with the on-board footage of Dongfeng crossing the line) due to the aforementioned DSL outage. Can’t wait!

And that TTToP managed to climb out of last place, but only by relying on two (2) different tie-breakers (taking 6th ahead of Scallywag in the In-Port series despite being tied with them on points because they beat them in the last In-Port Race, and then taking 6th overall despite being tied again on points because of having beaten them in the In-Port series) is just the perfect button on all the hair’s-breadth wackiness at the end of this edition of the race.

Thanks for your many contributions to the small but doughty VOR Tumblr fandom! 😜

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My supervisor/mentor had a cell plan so she could use the Internet before we got WiFi, so she looked up the race for me after I got picked up at the airport so I could know who won. She’s a feminist and I sent her the NYT article and she liked it, and wanted to watch the In-Port Race today with me but ended up not being able to. But I showed her the 2-minute version, and the intro to the full one, and she said “I love a close-up on a weathered face.” (1/2)

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

In an odd thematic twist, my DSL provider has seen fit to leave me without internet for most of the last week. That means I’ve been using my cell plan for access, and have been intentionally avoiding watching any video because it would use up my monthly data allotment too quickly and rack up a bunch of extra charges. So I haven’t seen the final In-Port Race, or other recent festivities. But with luck I’ll be back on unlimited data by tomorrow, and will properly check it all out. (cont.)

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Carlo Horse-man.

Friday, May 25th, 2018

OMG I know, right? How about the drone footage of the horse *at the helm*? I couldn’t not think of John Mulaney: “There’s a HORSE… on the WHEEL… of the SAILBOAT!!” 🤣

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Do you think that by the time the race ends, you will have enough videos to make a VOR “FRIENDS” intro parody?

Friday, April 27th, 2018

I think you could do it with the videos from TTToP alone.

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VOR joke: What do you call the TTOP crew passing time in the Doldrums by playing tabletop RPGs if their skipper is the Dungeon Master? D & D & Dee.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018


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kaiyves replied to your post “Please tell me that “completely fucked” is a Pascal…

Friday, March 16th, 2018

kaiyves replied to your post “Please tell me that “completely fucked” is a Pascal meme, because in…”

Is it “completely”? I remembered it as “absolutely”, but then I have bad memory.

The original video (which was not bleeped) was pulled down, but this version exists still on youtube:

My video description from the obsessive spreadsheet (747 video descriptions and counting):

With Charles at the helm, Dongfeng gybes from port gybe to starboard as dawn is breaking. Slomo of the crew working in the cockpit. We then see them gybing back to port? Sunrise. Then they’re on starboard again. Jack, sitting in the cockpit, talks about the tactical situation and the remainder of the leg. “We’ll find out in two hours at the next sched report. Everyone’s a bit anxious for that.” Pascal, at the nav station, looks at the latest sched. He rubs his face. On deck, Dongfeng is sailing on starboard gybe around midday. Marie, sitting on the cabin: “I think it is not really good. We did a mistake, maybe, gybing too late. It’s not a good moment to talk to Pascal. We have to let him… alone.” Pascal stands in the cockpit, reading from a piece of paper. Marie and Horace stand close to him; Darryl steers. Pascal: “MAPFRE is 89 miles at 244.” Marie: “Eighteen, uh, eighteen, uh…” Darryl: “Eighty-NINE.” Marie: “Eighty-nine!” Pascal: “We are fucked. [beeped in FB video] Darryl: "We are what?” Pascal: “We are fucked. We are completely fucked.” Stu: “Well, well, well. Three holes in the ground. I’ve seen some very strange stuff happen out here on the ocean. It’s never over till it’s over… Nothing we can do about it now, except keep sailing our boat. Who knows what might happen.” [NOTE: This video does not appear in the Raw Content feed. I’m taking this from the version posted on the VolvoOceanRace YouTube channel, and taking the time of it from the time of the two stills posted to the Raw Content feed showing the same events.]

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kaiyves replied to your post “Dipped on the oriole this afternoon. Trying again tomorrow.” You ATE…

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

kaiyves replied to your post “Dipped on the oriole this afternoon. Trying again tomorrow.”

You ATE an oriole?!?! ;-)

anonsally replied to your post “Dipped on the oriole this afternoon. Trying again tomorrow.”

Good luck! (but what does this mean?)

I guess it’s only fairly recently, and only around fairly hard-core birdwatchers, that I’ve heard the phrase “dipped” used this way. It means to try to see a particular reported rarity, but come up empty.

I dipped on the Orchard Oriole again today. But someone else saw him, so he’s still around.

A Nashville Warbler has also seen several times in the same spot.

And a short distance away people have been consistently seeing a Blackburnian Warbler…

…and a Swamp Sparrow.

All of those would be great if we could get them for the count. Ten more days…

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kaiyves replied to your photo “a-solitary-sea-rover: A report from Turn the Tide on…

Monday, November 6th, 2017

replied to your photo
A report from Turn the Tide on Plastic’s…”

It’s a lost cause because Moms ALWAYS worry.

IKR? I would spend nine months with continual anxiety if a kid of mine did this race.

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