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Monday, April 23rd, 2018


This past week Sean and I attended the first part of the Sundance New Voices Lab in Solvang, California. Firstly, Solvang is a remarkable little Dutch town nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley. Secondly, the Sundance Institute is a pretty rad nonprofit (founded by Robert Redford) that strives to put a spotlight on independent film and television creators. 10 projects were selected for the New Voices Lab and Sean and I were so honored and thrilled that ours made the cut. While on the lovely Alisal Ranch, we Shipwrecked sibs worked on our new pilot “The Local Haunt.” This new show is very near and dear to our hearts as it follows a ragtag group of misfits working at a tacky tourist trap museum in Massachusetts, and hey…we know a little about that. 

The lab was an INTENSE and informative experience. Things got deep very quickly on the first day and only continued on from there. Secrets were revealed, 10 cups of coffee were inhaled every morning, and new creative possibilities were born! It sounds cheesy but, dude, I had like SIX or SEVEN creative revelations during this lab. 

It was truly a beautiful experience. Sean and I bonded with our fellow…fellows and were quick to take to the internet to check out their other work. It was inspiring to spend a week with a diverse group of people who are SO talented and who are telling incredibly personal stories. We can’t wait to see our new friends again when the lab resumes in June. Until then, we will be working diligently on our fledgling script, trying to make these new characters (whom we are VERY excited about) come to life! 

– Sinéad


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