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Thursday, August 22nd, 2013





Get outta here! Way to go, you guys.


It’s been interesting following the reactions of the various honorees to the Emmy. A community of creators sharing their joy, giving virtual high-fives, celebrating what was by all accounts a team effort.

And… this.

Not to take away from Hank’s contribution; it was his money at the outset, his vision, and his periodic check-ins with Bernie that provided key guidance. People willing to take big risks sometimes have big egos, and when those risks pay off it’s understandable if they crow a little.

But some of the stuff that’s happened since the show ended, especially the grumbling about how the Kickstarter overage is being spent and the lack of accounting for that, has left me feeling a little less charitable. And yeah, he lampshaded it with the “I’m going to take that down tomorrow” part, but still, there’s a whiff, at least to me, of his taking more individual credit than is quite seemly, under the circumstances.

But maybe that’s just me being sensitive. The Emmy is really cool, regardless, and everyone who worked on the show deserves to be proud of what they accomplished.

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