yeah i think you’re right about the movie not being cardboard-cutout-feminist enough. Still a lot of work to do in this department.

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

World’s evolving. People are evolving. Movies are evolving. All at a different pace though, so. Like you get stuff like finally, marriage for all in the States, and not ten seconds after it’s announced people are saying it’s not good enough. Because it isn’t! But people are all at different stages of thought about the world and how it should work. All depends on their environment, on their identity, on their needs. Huge steps are still only just steps. 

I guess that’s another reason I love the film, I feel like Miller hasn’t stood still all his life as a director, he’s evolved and his perspective has evolved and here’s the result. He’s moved past the cardboard ‘strong female character’ that still appears in many films, even though that type character was once absolutely groundbreaking. But it’s not like everything moved forward at once, sexist films are still getting made, racial representation still sucks, ableism runs rampant, every film ever made still has to reckon with how real-life societies treat certain demographics and how that will affect the interpretation of those demographics appearing in the picture, and… yeah. People who seem otherwise enlightened are gonna raise hell about dark-skinned hobbits.

I love this movie so much.

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