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Saturday, March 19th, 2016



Tiny Feminists | Ep 1: JULIETTE | Yulin Kuang

This actress who played Juliette was the very last person to come in and audition for us. She seemed really shy when she first introduced herself, then we started rolling and she just flipped a switch and went into game face.

The intensity with which she asked us “Are you a feminist?” is still one of my favorite audition moments. Her character used to have a bit where she’d write up little notices (like “how’s my feminism” report cards for people) and she was the only one who brought her own tiny notebook, ripped off a page, and then marched up to hand it to me while looking me dead in the eye to say, “Room for improvement. Obviously.”

She has killer instincts and some of the best improv skills fresh out of the gate I’ve ever seen (”It’s on, patriarchy” and “Salty, like the tears of my enemies” and “Well, it’s a hand” were three of my favorite improvs of hers). She’s one of those actors who manages to steal practically every scene she’s in just by staying present. I hope she keeps at it, because I think she could be great.

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