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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020









And my weak ass elementary school got rid of our jungle gym because Ella was too weak to hang on and sprained her wrist

That is a death trap

ok fun but like… how do you stop?

I feel like this cannot possibly be the intended usage but also I can’t imagine any other possible intention for this contraption??

They’ve discovered a perpetual lawsuit machine.

Kids seriously have a deathwish

It’s like they took a Medieval torture device and converted it into playground equipment.

So based on the windows and what the kids look like (a crude measurement, I know, but it’s all the context I had to go on), I told a Latina coworker I was about 50% sure this was in Mexico, and asked her if she knew what the fuck it was. As soon as she saw it, before it even started spinning, she got this big grin and went “yeah that’s Mexico, that’s at a school. Mexican kids are SAVAGE.” So here are the answers to the questions posed:

1) yes, it’s actually a piece of playground equipment.

2) yes, that’s actually how it’s supposed to be used.

3) to stop, an adult or taller child has to come grab the center pole to stop it. Each child can then either do a handstand to get off, or climb back off from the top the way they got on.

4) yes, as long as the kids are using it correctly, it’s perfectly safe.

5) Mexico doesn’t have the same kind of litigious atmosphere as the US, where a kid tearing their knee open on the playground can get the whole park shut down. Any bumps, bruises, or even broken arms resulting from improper use would involve the parent seeking medical care if needed, and telling the child to hold on tighter or use a different piece of equipment.

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cottognapple: MUZZLED MUSICAL IS OUT and it’s great and you…

Monday, October 26th, 2015


MUZZLED MUSICAL IS OUT and it’s great and you should go watch it immediately! 

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