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Thursday, February 13th, 2020






This is seriously one of the best moments in the entire Granada series. Violet Smith is traumatized and forced into a marriage ceremony with a complete villain in a thinly veiled rape scenario, all because the master of the house where she was working as a governess fails to tell her of the scheme to defraud her of her inheritance—his argument for not apprising her of the serious possibility she might be assaulted (indeed, she was already attacked once) is that she would have returned to her fiance and given up her position, robbing him of the chance to interact with her.

The dialogue here is almost verbatim from the canon with small shifts to modernize the syntax; Holmes demands to know why Carruthers didn’t warn her about Jack Woodley, and then Watson brings the full smackdown with “That might be love for you, you notorious asshat, but for me, that qualifies as full metal dickishness.”

Look at the last two gifs—Burke is speaking, and delivering the lines brilliantly, but meanwhile, Brett is murdering Carruthers with his eyeballs.  It’s so brilliantly satisfying because even though the fair sex is Watson’s department, if you want to piss off Sherlock Holmes, try mistreating a lady.  Try it.  Go ahead, claim to fall in love with a beautiful musician and then stalk her on a bicycle.  Brett’s acting here, the utter disgust and disbelief, is wonderful. 

Remember, this is the guy who threw himself off a waterfall, probably so that *cough cough* certain people would no longer be in danger.  If you explain love to him as “I just wanted them near me no matter the cost to that person,” daggers—in this case Jeremy’s daggers—will shoot from his irises.  No matter whether you posit Holmes as ace, straight, or queer, it’s wonderful here to see what love means to him.


I am reblogging this just for the phrase “murdering Carruthers with his eyeballs.”

Brett = <3

Oh, yes, and it should be noted that this was the first episode ever that Granada filmed. Jeremy and David got it right right out of the gate. <3

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