hunterinabrowncoat: troyella: the fact that people need to be TOLD to wash their hands has me like…

Monday, March 23rd, 2020



the fact that people need to be TOLD to wash their hands has me like 🤢🤢🤢

Okay but like the coronavirus advice isn’t just that you should wash your hands a regular amount, it’s that you should wash your hands as often as possible.

Washing your hands after going to the bathroom, before prepping or eating food, if they’ve got dirty etc is a normal amount. People should be doing that all the time anyway.

The advice atm is on top of that, to wash your hands as soon as you get home, as soon as you get to school/work, if you touch your face, before and after you touch other people, especially if they’re immunocompromised or sick, and after you’ve been in public places, especially crowded places where everyone has been touching the same handrails, door handles, lift buttons etc.

Mentioned this on That Other Platform, but something I hadn’t thought of until a coworker (who has a family member possibly with covid quarantining with them) mentioned it: not just wash your hands all the time and be careful with fomites and try not to touch your face, but if you do need to touch your face (like to brush and floss or whatever), wash your hands before and after. Before to protect you. After to protect everyone else in case you’re carrying the virus and are pre- or asymptomatic.

Until we get testing [white-hot rage about lack of testing deleted] we’re all playing a very particular game together, and we’re all on offense and defense at the same time.

Go team.

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foreveralonewithfiftyyachts: Well, good ol’ Cindy Ardern’s done it. We surpassed 100 cases today,…

Monday, March 23rd, 2020


Well, good ol’ Cindy Ardern’s done it. We surpassed 100 cases today, and an announcement was made today that as of midnight Wednesday, the whole country is in lockdown for at least 4 weeks. Most universities are moving to online teaching. Thankfully my sister decided she was high risk, and is on her way home already, because her uni has just decided to call a month long break.

Stay safe people, and to any kiwis out there, stay safe, follow the government regulations.

To anyone having trouble with being in isolation, my inbox is always open. We are so lucky in times like these to have social media. Check in with your friends. Have coffee dates or just good old chats over FaceTime. We’re all in this together, this is new to all of us, so lets work together to get through this.

One of the strange things (so many strange things) lately is following people from all over the world and seeing the same experiences coming across my dash from literally everywhere.

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anais-ninja-bitch:excellent additions, my friend.fatsexybitch:5. Pretty much everything you touch in…

Saturday, March 21st, 2020


excellent additions, my friend.


5. Pretty much everything you touch in the car

6. Your glasses and sunglasses

7. Bathroom mirror (if it has toothpaste splatter it has spit)

8. Debit card/wallet

9. Keys

Any hard surface you touched while you were in public with dirty hands needs to be cleaned when you get home. And leave your outside shoes by the door!


4 dumb things you may have forgotten to disinfect +1 you just need to replace

  1. you cell/mobile phone
  2. your doorknobs, especially the one on your front door
  3. your light switches, especially the one next your front door
  4. your TV’s remote control

+1: replace your toothbrush

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slutprivilege:i work at a chain grocery store and our location is normally open from 6am-midnight….

Friday, March 20th, 2020


i work at a chain grocery store and our location is normally open from 6am-midnight. in response to all the panic buying and limited stock we have, our hours rn are 7:30am-8pm. however, we have opened our doors from 6am-730am for anyone 60+ to shop. this gives them first access to whatever we have stocked out, and allows them to avoid contact with the general public. (typically the only associates in the building during this time are night crew who work in the back and our older cashiers).

since announcing this, we have received nonstop calls from people 60+ thanking us because they have been too scared to shop and they know it’s not rly worth it bc of the limited supply of things

and i get so emotional during all these calls bc i keep thinking back to all the awful shit ppl have been posting wrt that stupid “boomer remover” shit and joking about all the elderly people dying off. like these are real fucking human beings y’all are condemning just for the crime of being alive. y’all are so desperate to act like being “old” is somehow a privileged category despite the fact that senior citizens are an incredibly vulnerable and abused population.

if you’ve decided to ignore cdc warnings or not consider this illness to be a big deal because “it’s only killing the old people,” you truly have lost all touch w humanity and i hope you use your time during this quarantine to find it again.

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Friday, March 13th, 2020


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