An Open Letter to President-elect Donald J. Trump

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

An Open Letter to President-elect Donald J. Trump:

I wrote a thing over on that other thing.

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Life really is stranger than fiction…

Monday, March 7th, 2016


SO My dad is in the midst of some strange mid-life ‘TRY NEW THINGS’ season. He is volunteering in a local kindergarten class. He joined the zoning board in my parent’s small town. He’s organizing a clean up of the walking trails in my parent’s subdivision.  He’s going to bike across the country this summer. He started a blog. 

His latest thing? He’s decided to learn how to do a cartwheel. 

(This is what happens when your kids all move out, I guess?) 

And he hired a cartwheel coach. 

(I can’t even.) 

Tonight he tried to set me up with his cartwheel coach…

KA: Where do you find a cartwheel coach? 

KA’S DAD: I called the circus. 

KA’S DAD: I thought he’d be some old hippie, but he’s not. He’s actually really hot. And your age. It’s too bad you don’t live here or I’d set you guys up. 

KA: Dad, I don’t want to date your cartwheel coach. 

KA’S DAD: He’s really good looking. Has great arms. Like if I liked men…

KA: Please stop.

KA’S DAD: And he’s a computer engineer. You should marry an engineer. They make good husbands. 

KA: I thought he worked for the circus. 

KA’S DAD: No, that’s just a side thing. He volunteers at the circus. 

KA: Oh, well that changes everything. 

KA’S DAD: Do you want me to figure out a way to show him your picture? You should probably send me an updated one…

KA: I’m going to hang up now. 

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starwarsvillains: Gwendoline Christie in Giles Deacon’s Captain…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


Gwendoline Christie in Giles Deacon’s Captain Phasma inspired gown

“Many people remarked on social media about how refreshing they found it that the chest piece of the armour wasn’t moulded like breasts, and that it was a functional piece of armour.”

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