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Wednesday, April 12th, 2017



Luisa Casati with a greyhound by Giovanni Boldini, 1908.

Wardrobe goals. 

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Sunday, November 27th, 2016




The first two tho. One is a dashing young widow (let’s call her Eunice, which is the kind of name that is awkward to the modern ear, but is the kind of name a dashing young widow circa 1900 could pull off with the right clothes and the right attitude)  and the other–almost holding her hand is her unmarried friend (Gonna call her Sarah. IDK. Maybe after Bernhardt. Her wealthy father, Lord Blueblood, was a huge fan??) anyway (and I know that I’m doing something odd here but that parenthetical was too long and without that anyway outside the continuity was totally screwy. But I committed 200% to the parentheticals here. As you can see. That’s why there’s so many of them.) ANYWAY FRIEND SARAH has a huge dowry, but won’t settle on a suitor because she’s really in love with her friend, Eunice, the widow. 100k words. Edwardian fic.

Marthe Bibesco and Gertrude Elizabeth Blood. And it’s kind of hilarious to me how their actual bios echo the backstory you provided.

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Sunday, February 15th, 2015



The splendid Lady Colin Campbell, nee Gertrude Blood of County Clare, painted by Giovanni Boldini. 

She sued her husband, a younger son of the Duke of Argyll, for divorce on the grounds of his cruelty whereupon he counter-sued her for adultery with 4 men:  a doctor, a general, a duke and the head of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, no less!  The 1886 trial had the country enthralled.  Details of precisely what Lord Colin’s butler claimed to have seen through Lady Colin’s drawing room keyhole couldn’t be reported in full, which likely only served to inflame the gossip and speculation. 

Lady Colin was cleared of adultery but her own divorce petition was also refused and with her reputation in tatters, she was ostracised by high society.  Fortunately that didn’t get her down for long and separated from her husband, she became a journalist, her wit, talent and beauty making her more than welcome in literary and artistic circles.  George Bernard Shaw in particular was a huge fan, describing her as a goddess.  Oscar Wilde was less keen after she referred to him as a great white slug.  She was also a keen athlete and especially celebrated for her skills as a fencer. 

The Boldini portrait was painted in 1897 when Lady Colin was 40, a couple of years after the death of Lord Colin from the “loathsome condition” with which he had infected her.  Sadly she suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for some years towards the end of her life which the loathsome condition may have helped to bring on.

Thank you #Ancastoica for reblogging, funny as I was thinking about the fabulous Gertrude the other day and toying with the idea of reblogging this post, which I wrote soon after resurrecting my blog here.  There’s a biography of her by Anne Jordan, Love Well The Hour which is definitely another for my Must Read list!

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