buggirl: Thank you, Lintouse for your generous donation towards…

Friday, August 29th, 2014


Thank you, Lintouse for your generous donation towards my research!  Here is a Saturniid Moth since they are your favorite.  Also, I LOVE that backpack you made!  So awesome! 

Rothschild Silk Moth, Mindo, Ecuador

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Guess who’s going back to the Amazon?

That’s right! buggirl‘s going back to the Amazon. Yay!

In tangentially related news, I spent some quality time with this little lady in the garage yesterday:

She was perfectly amiable. I didn’t touch her, but I sat next to her for a while and at one point gave her a nudge with the corner of my phone to see how she’d react. She just shifted over a little.

At no point did I crush, squash, dismember, or mutilate her. When I checked back later she’d moved off into some dark recess.

It’s a little weird to navigate this boundary. Until recently I was a squash-all-black-widows-on-sight person, and this behavior of mine would have seemed thoroughly irrational. It still feels odd, and subject to an undercurrent of lingering arachnophobia.

Anyway. Baby steps.

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