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Saturday, July 4th, 2020


director Thomas Kail, writer Lin-Manuel Miranda
         When my time is up
         Have I done enough?
         Will they tell your story?

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Saturday, July 11th, 2015




Favorite world-building elements: Language

That awkward moment when “fang it” is mainstream Australian slang, not something George Miller made up.

LOL someone didn’t do their research

and yes I do  know that continually adding text to a post mocking the original poster is rude but this person had enough time to make a series of Gifs for a movie that isn’t even available for home viewing yet but they didn’t have time to type fang it into urban dictionary? I’m sorry but no not cool!

I’m curious why you assume inclusion in the gifset means the OP didn’t know “fang it” was existing Aussie slang.

Isn’t language evolution almost always based on adapting previously used elements? Neither Aqua-Cola nor “traitor” as a verb are things made up out of thin air by George Miller; each reflects language currently in use.

World-building doesn’t mean things have to be invented from scratch. It just means a richly imagined, internally consistent world presented in an evocative way.

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