Solidarity with children is often neglected or even made a joke of, so I wanna take a second and tell y’all what I wish I could go back in time and tell myself:

You’re right. School is bullshit, homework is bullshit, waking up early is bullshit, going to bed early is bullshit. Some adults are just pointlessly cruel, even those in positions of authority over you. Sometimes adults are wrong, and, in fact, sometimes you are right

You were born with an innate sense of justice and fairness and adults have spent your entire life trying to beat it out of you so you’ll shut up and do what you’re told in an unjust and unfair society. Don’t let them. Many of us have to take effort to relearn the wisdom you have right now, the ability to tell when something is bullshit even if you can’t articulate why yet

You deserve happiness, fulfillment, and liberation just as much as any adult. Those first 18 years are just as important as any other time in your life, and it’s time you’ll never get back. Don’t let anyone take them from you just because you’re too young to fight back

Question everything, and never take “that’s just the way it is” as an answer. Sometimes when things don’t make sense to you it’s because they just don’t make any goddamn sense

Pick your battles, and be strategic. Don’t take this post as permission to go starting fights for no reason. But remember that you have worth, and our society tends to not respect that. And you’re right: that is bullshit

(also, read Anarchy Works)

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