Somehow it feels like tumblr is accidentally the perfect social media site, because none of the things that I love about it make sense as features the way we use them. Tags are for organization, but we also use them to have our little thoughts in without raising them to the status of main text. The queue makes sense for keeping a steady stream of Content going if you’re trying to Build a Social Media Presence, but really we use it just to bank posts we want to reblog without flooding everyone else’s dash. You can’t see how many followers anyone else has, which I just have to assume was an oversight because it flies in the face of everything about social media, and it’s great because you can never quantify anyone’s Influence so everyone’s essentially on the same level. There’s no way they planned for giffing to become such a Thing, because before tumblr, gifs were practically relics of the early internet days, a novelty, usually kind of tacky, and now they’ve become a sort of folk art form. You can reblog an entire conversation, not just a single post, so there’s a whole genre of humor that exists here that can’t really propagate like that on any other social platform. Honestly this website is just a little freak of nature that cannot possibly have been intended, and that’s why no media company has been able to figure out what to do with it, because it makes no sense within the larger social media ecosystem. I love it.

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