An underappreciated side of film!Pippin is that he’s so recklessly compassionate. The other hobbits weigh their decisions *somewhat* carefully, but Pippin’s all “Someone’s sad? I gotta make them happy! Someone’s hurt? I have to help them!”

 He never even stops to think about it, which is obviously heartwarming but also obviously gets him into trouble

He finds out Denethor is Boromir’s grieving father and like instantly swears to serve him to atone for his son’s death. He meets Faramir and about ten seconds later is reassuring him that “you have strength too, of a different kind, and one day your father will see it.”

He sees Merry is injured, and desperately tries to get literal uruk-hai monster murder-captors to feel enough compassion to help him.  When he sees Frodo is about to leave the Fellowship he immediately rushes out to talk him down, and then seconds later is instantly on board with Merry’s plan to distract the uruk-hai long for Frodo to escape. The moment he realizes Denethor is trying to burn Faramir alive he tries to pull apart the pyre alone, with his bare hands, outnumbered by Denethor and his armed guards, and when he’s tossed aside (because he’s only three feet tall and technically not even an adult) he immediately runs down into a bloody dangerous battle, pushing past wounded men fleeing in the opposite direction, to find help, and so on and so on

 Like Pippin is foolish sometimes. But I feel that a lot of moments that get written off as “foolishness” are just…caring so much that he immediately tries to help without sparing a moment to consider whether the task he’s undertaking is actually possible

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