you’re either a dishes girl or a laundry girl and i’m a dishes girl i will do the dishes for every single one of my housemates before i lift a singular sock off my bedroom floor

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Tags: well, , dude, dishes girl, though I do also do laundry, but not as reliably, dishes though, those I do all the time, since this mad dishes-doing fit took hold of me, which was probably, 10 years or so ago at this point?, a dirty dish in our house is like the proverbial discarded gum wrapper, at disneyland, life expectancy: <30 seconds, and here's the thing, which I've probably said before, it is so much better than living with a sinkfull of dirty dishes, b/c I do exactly the same amount of cleaning either way, but this way, habituation works in my favor rather than against me, momentum leads me to the chore being done rather than undone, I do dishes without event noticing it, really i'm insufferable.

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