No offense but the internet gives you the most wrong and fucked up idea of helping people because people get mad if you don’t care about disasters happening in 72 countries, meanwhile the people in real life that are doing the most good picked one VERY SPECIFIC thing to care about and care about it REALLY HARD

Walks up to a guy working on restoring a native tree species to his downtown “why aren’t you posting about grasses in Turkmenistan!”

The internet has taken a whole generation of bright, motivated, passionate young people who care and have big hearts and turned them into paralyzed, shattered wrecks too crushed by the weight of the world’s pain to hand a pair of socks to a person in need

Also, the people who are doing the most good are—I cannot stress this enough—working to fix things that are PHYSICALLY CLOSE TO THEM

And as a Kentuckian this is exactly why i fucking hate the portrayal of small town and rural areas in the US as backward shitholes no one would want to live in because it’s not enough to recognize that good people live here.

You have to recognize that each and every small town MATTERS and if you invested your ENTIRE LIFE into this “shithole” rural place no one cares about it would MATTER.

people are trying to do the activism thing while being like “ugh i hate living here in this small town full of racists”

So….they’re not getting politically involved on a local level

They’re not paying attention to their local unhoused population—their NEIGHBORS, their OWN

They’re not paying attention to the creek downtown with pollution in it

They’re not helping the disabled lady across the street get to the store

They’re not writing letters to people in their local jail

They’re not finding people in THEIR OWN community who care about the same things they care about

They’re not contacting their OWN homeowner’s association

They’re not donating to organizations that are headquartered in cities and towns close by

And I know some people can’t do these things, and I know I come off as a hypocrite because I haven’t even been in my hometown very much lately, but I have done volunteer work and let me tell you.

When you physically are there to see the difference you make in the life of ONE person, it changes you. There is no room for despair or paralysis. You realize that simply helping in the way you can, in the amount you can, is SO INFINITELY worthwhile. It will change you forever as a person. Seriously

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