I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

I’m an American living in Germany. I’ve lived here for four years as of this week (June 2021).

Two and a half years ago, I had a medical emergency in the form of gallstones and an infected gallbladder. I tried to tough it out, like a True American Who Can’t Afford Treatment, and ended up in the hospital getting the gallbladder removed. I was brought in on Thursday, had the gallbladder and five gallstones the size of macadamia nuts removed on Saturday, and was home by Tuesday. Total cost, 200 euro.

Back in March, 2021, I saw a visual distortion in my right eye, like an afterimage of looking at something bright for too long. Got seen by the eye doctor that day, got sent to the hospital that day to get a diagnosis–ocular vein occlusion–and spent the following three days getting followup diagnostics, including a full blood panel. I got diagnosed with having elevated levels of homocysteine in my blood, and that turned out to be caused by a genetic disorder that runs in my family (MTHFR-5 mutation) where I can’t metabolize B vitamins correctly. And now I’m on modified B vitamins and the difference in my daily life is amazing.

Total cost for the hospital stay and all of the blood tests and eye examinations and other tests?

250 euro.

In my old city in the US–which has a nationally renown hospital–the gallbladder removal costs a year’s salary for a minimum wage worker.

US healthcare if you are not wealthy is a bad joke.

Here in the UK we’re flat out terrified of our governments slow slide towards a US style system. The NHS is precious to us because everyone can use it. Last year, in the middle of lockdown, I developed a sudden and painful eye infection. Called my Dr, who referred me to the hospital, who asked me to come in the same day (I wear contacts, they were worried about deeper damage.) Within 4 hours I was seen, eye scanned and given treatment to take at home. (Usually a prescription is around £9/$12 but I wasn’t charged in hospital.) Total cost? The £20 it cost me for an uber. I honestly fail to see how spending more money would have got me any better treatment.

Also, doesn’t the NHS reimburse your transit costs? 

Like seriously, everyone in the US needs to watch Michael Moore’s Sicko and Where To Invade Next to realize how much better it is in other countries – and for not much more money, either. 


Canada doesn’t necessarily have deluxe healthcare, but it covers most people cost-efficiently, with lower overhead, and it’s free at the point of delivery. And Canadians don’t really pay more taxes.

The question you need to ask is: Are you getting what you’re paying for? If you’re not, maybe it’s time to speak to the manager. 

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