Reblog and put your real first name in the tags

reblog again because… what?

why are you people in the notes comparing sharing your first name, in the tags, to your address, or credit card number, or ssn?

you’ve said it yourself, tumblr: names are fake and made up, you can put whatever name you like in the tags- and if you’re uncomfortable with sharing personal info, then just don’t? i mean it’s not asking for a dead name, it’s not requiring minors to partake, it’s a tag game? no ones forcing you to do this.

im not shaming you for not wanting to share personal info, im shaming you for thinking it’s as deep as it is.

It’s true I didn’t think this through when I submitted it. But also, yeah. The performative outrage on other people’s behalf around here does get tiresome.

Glad to have given you the chance to loudly and defiantly declare that no, you won’t put your real name, and how DARE someone suggest you might, and WHOMST INDEED WILL THINK OF THE CHILDRENS???!!!

But also yeah, should have thought that through a bit more.

Your scary Internet pal, John. Or Lies. Or whatever.

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