jaynaneeya: Today marks five years since my first video chat with the Shipwrecked Comedy Core Four….


Today marks five years since my first video chat with the Shipwrecked Comedy Core Four. It was a perk from the Poe Party kickstarter, to which I had contributed significantly more than I’d originally intended because the campaign had gotten me so excited for this project. I was excited but very nervous to talk to them, since conversing with people I don’t know is not something I’m particularly skilled at, so I was therefore delighted and pleasantly surprised by how easy I found them to talk to. I don’t remember all the details of that conversation anymore; the main thing I recall is telling them that my favorite author was Jane Austen and that I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t going to be in Poe Party and them responding with “Yeah, we just thought she’d be too similar to Charlotte Brontë”, which I only remember because Jane Austen frickin WAS in Poe Party, but I didn’t know it at the time, and they gave absolutely NO INDICATION that would have led me to suspect anything, which I’m still impressed by. Beyond that, I mostly just remember them being very kind and excited about what they were working on.

A lot has happened in five years. The world has changed, and my relationship to Shipwrecked has changed. I’ve gotten to know them pretty well, and every interaction we have makes me love them a little more. They are my favorite storytellers, and I would want to support their work even if I didn’t know them at all. But the reason I am so over-the-top, beyond enthusiastically supportive of them is that, in addition to being remarkably talented creators of wonderful projects, I also know them to be good and kind human beings. And that is such a rare combination that I will never shut up about it.

So please, if you can, I would encourage everyone to support Shipwrecked’s next project, Headless, on Kickstarter, and/or support them on Patreon. They are absolutely worthy of all the support they receive and so much more.

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