breezylouisey:p-redux:From Anon…Hi Anon, I appreciate your kind words. 😘I’m confused as…



From Anon…

Hi Anon, I appreciate your kind words. 😘

I’m confused as to your question though. Are you asking me how to be a supportive Sam fan? I think the answer is pretty obvious: don’t be an asshole. Sam knows who the cool fans are. They’re EASY to spot–they don’t talk shit about Sam or the women he dates. Simple as that.

I’d like to add just be you, Anon. Block out all the haters on social media. It’s easy and makes the fan experience so much more enjoyable.

No idea who this Adam person is or whether he or his dating behavior is worthy of censure. But I’m always here for SGH!Emily gif usage.

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