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“There was a huge pressure taking on the role; she’s one of the best roles in literature for girls. If you’re an actress and you get the chance to play her you definitely can’t say no. But it is scary, because when you read Pride and Prejudice, you feel like you own her; I know I did, and I’m sure everybody feels the same way and that they’ll have a very clear idea of who Elizabeth Bennet is.” – Keira Knightley

“Initially I thought Keira was probably too beautiful for the role. And when I met her I discovered this scruffy kind of little tomboy character. And discovered she had incredible wit and intelligence and a very strong personality. Those qualities made me think that she doesn’t fit into the kind of preconceived ideas of what a girl should be. And that made me think she’d be perfect for Elizabeth.
” – Joe Wright

Pride & Prejudice
2005, dir. Joe Wright

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