And lichen of the year, 2021, as decided by BLAM (Bryologisch-lichenologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mitteleuropa) is . . .  Lecanora muralis!




Protoparmeliopsis muralis. What a beaut, huh? 


Not much common about her, I dare say. Accepting the fact that she is widespread and common in urban areas.


L. muralis is a placcodioid lichen that forms large and sometimes layered rosettes of variable areoles and lobes. 


The upper surface is pale yellowish gray or green, with beige or tan apothecia crowded in the center.


L. muralis is a survivor. It is tolerant of variable conditions such as drought and pollution, and grows on a variety of hard substrates all over the world–to the point that is considered an eye-sore and nuisance by some folks. It is sometimes called “chewing-gum lichen” since it can resemble old chewing gum spots on sidewalks. I wholeheartedly believe that urban lichens are beautiful and a wonderful gift of nature–evidence that life finds a way. And it is out there turning CO2 into oxygen for you, so who cares if spots up our stupid statues and sidewalks and walls? 


Take inspiration from L. muralis this year. Be strong. Be resilient. Take up space. Piss off urban planners who disregard nature. And embrace symbiotic relationships! Let’s make this year suck slightly less, shall we? 

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