Listen/purchase: Dead by SPC ECO Singing about the dark timesA…

Listen/purchase: Dead by SPC ECO

Singing about the dark times

A bright spot for me this year has been SPC ECO releasing so much new music. I’m guessing they didn’t start off meaning to release this much, but as the pandemic forced everyone to sit around at home they took that time and made something wonderful, with a monthly EP (at least), along with assorted extras.

“Dead” was a recent extra, and I love it. It illustrates something I’ve noticed about their music this year: How of-the-moment it’s been. You can hear it in Rose’s more overtly political lyrics on songs like “When You’re a Liar” (May), “Delusional Waste Blump Mix” (July), and the cover of “Hit the Road Jack” (December), all of which take direct or averted aim at a certain human pustule we can’t be rid of soon enough. But it also comes through in “Dead”, which is very much a song about the dark times, our collective struggle to hang onto our humanity in the face of forces that would tear it from us. It’s a dreamy meditation with imagery of breathing, proximity, and vulnerability that wouldn’t mean as much, maybe, at another time, but coming now, as we’re all trying to process this whatever it is, hits home.

Stay away from me
Stay away from me

I know my shoegaze/dream pop obsession isn’t shared by a lot of you; when I post this stuff it gets relatively little interaction. Which is fine; we’re all hanging on with whatever works for us, whatever gives us comfort. I’m grateful for the sense of community I find here whether it’s through things we share or things we don’t.

For what it’s worth, though, Rose and Dean’s music is one of the things helping me hang on, and I’m profoundly grateful for it.

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