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Captioning this because it feels really weird to have a tiktok about Deaf people without captions: 

Throughout the video, the song Funkytown is playing

Bianca: Pros and cons of having a Deaf brother

Brother, signing: hi

Bianca: Sometimes it’s hard to get his attention

Bianca: waves hand, slams hand on back of chair, eventually throws a pillow at him

Brother, signing: what?

Bianca: I don’t have to run all the way up to him to talk to him

Bianca, both spoken and signing: you ugly

Brother, signing: you ugly

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Tags: but in this case, fun fact, I’m frequently tumblring on an iPad in bed, with my partner in crime trying to sleep next to me, so I have the device muted, and consume all the content without accompanying sound, as a result, I very much appreciate captioned posts, while I liked getting the caption info, I can reliably report, that the post works fine without it.

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