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#romance#listen i know that Courtly Love ™ is a much analyzed thing that has Layers and such#but i just gotta look at the YEARNING AND LOVE IT SOMETIMES#because what i love about this picture#is how it looks like both parties desperately want to be properly embracing#face to face arms really AROUND each other so they can kiss#but for some reason that we can’t see in the painting htis is impossible#neither the knight or the lady have turned their bodies physically away from their intended staircase paths#the knight isn’t craning his head any more to the right to see her face#and the lady is turning her face to the wall#and all they can snatch together is this brief desprate and infinitely tender moment LIKE I YEARN MY HOES I YEARN#you can imagine that they arranged it so carefully between themselves at some previous date#that they would pass each other on the stairs just for this brief moment#so the lady could hold her hand out and the knight could kiss it#the lady turning her face away for deniability#and the knight easily able to let her go and pretend it was just a chance brush#DARN STAR-CROSSED LOVE I’M WEAK Y’ALL ( @takiki16​ )


Because of this image, specifically


Quiet…… I am Yearning

For those (like me before finding out) who are wondering which painting is presented here : It’s The Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Frederick William Burton ! I adore it.

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