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Favourite scenes from Pride and Prejudice (BBC 1995)

don’t think i can ever properly articulate the exquisite brain-melting
drama of a pre-internet cliffhanger that this was at the time
  #picture the scene: you’re 12 years old the internet is not in your house yet – the book is merely a title on the family shelf  #(which in fact you’re still unaware of at that time anyway – it’s a big shelf)  #if you’ve never personally read it it may as well be brand new at that point  #and then your mum’s like ‘watch this show with me’ and you’re like ok  #and you get to wickham telling his story and you’re like ‘oh noes this darcy guy is terrible’   #and then he proposes and you’re like ‘holy shit’ and then the explanatory letter comes and you’re like HOLY ACTUAL SHIT  #and your world is ROCKED like physically cannot take the drama  #and Jane and Lizzy at that point are like ‘oh well we’ll die alone’ and you figure this is how grown-up novels just are  #this
must be how adults stories go – it’ll probably be sisterly
flower-arranging for the next few eps but you’re cool with that sounds fun
  #and then. she goes. to derbyshire. and you’re like wait wait wait waaaaaait a minute hotdamn  #will be be there??? what are the odds?????? low right????  #and then!!!! she runs into him!!! at his house!!!!! and you’re like MUM TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS  #and she like lol no I will tell you NOTHING you must SUFFER  #AND HE’S MAKING SUCH AN EFFORT  #AND THEY’RE ALL WALKING!! TOGETHER!! and you’re CLAWING at the CURTAINS at this point  #and then lizzy and the gardiners go to leave and they’re all talking!!! he’s by the carriage saying goodbye!!!!  #and then they drive off and he STANDS there ALONE and PINING and you’re like ‘will she turn around?’  #and then! she turns! around! AND THE CREDITS ROLL AND YOU WONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS UNTIL NEXT SUNDAY NIGHT  #AND YOU’RE LOSING YOUR ENTIRE TINY MIIIIIIIIIIND  #HOW CAN I WAIT A WEEK TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – MUM WHY DO YOU HATE ME  #and
that sadist and long-term austen fan is just ‘no. shan’t. i’m enjoying
your tiny meltdown too much. you’ll just have to wait and see’
  #and you have to wait a WHOLE WEEK and you have NO IDEA what happens  #as
no one has literally ever mentioned this novel to you nor has it ever
once appeared in any part of your life either print or audiovisual
  #the sheer exquisite pre-internet struggle of a 200 year old story being BRAND NEW AND LETHAL  #cause
of death: expired as a pre-teen due to having to wait a week until the
australian broadcasting corporation showed the next ep

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