lichenaday: Cladonia verticillata Ladder lichen, tiered…


Cladonia verticillata 

Ladder lichen, tiered cladonia

So obviously, there’s a lot to unpack here. But stay with me as we take in this adorable little weirdo in all its glory. C. verticillata has wedge-shaped or lobed basal squamules, and fruticose, cup-like podetia that stick straight up. The unique characteristic of these podetia is that they form tiers of cups proliferating from the cup centers like tiny, bizarre fountains. It is grayish-green in color, and brownish or tan in areas touched by sunlight. Apothecia are small and brown, and grow out of the cup margins in small globules. C. verticillata is not particularly common, but occurs in cool, upland, subarctic, boreal, or montane regions around the world, preferring acidic soil and open areas. If I saw a design like this for like, anything in nature, I’d be like “that’s so unrealistic, no way.” But like, she went there, y’all. 

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