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Lazuli buntings are striking birds found in western North America. I love that even the females—which, like with most birds, are drabber than the male—have a tinge of blue!
This piece is a companion to my indigo bunting painting, and will appear in the next issue of Living Bird in a profile featuring related eastern and western species. Having recently moved from coast to coast, it was a nice project to tie together my past year of birding!
Lazuli buntings for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

LAZBs are known as “fire followers”. They like the flowered hillsides that grow up in the early years after a chaparral wildfire.

If you’ve followed me long enough you know that many of my favorite local birding sites burned in the massive Thomas Fire in December of 2017. We’re now T-plus-18-months, and the flowering hillsides are full of these beautiful birds. I saw a female this morning; here’s a photo of a male that I took a few weeks ago.

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