thisherelight: The colors of march I’m drunk on the band of pink…


The colors of march

I’m drunk on the band of pink seen only at the very very beginning of twighlight. I’m starting to skip half of magic hour and stay out half an hour later to get some of that after the sun is down, crisp, cold, blue and pink and white. 

I’m at odds though. When in it I’m marveling, when out I’m like okay, bring on the spring already. though spring here is not particularly photogenic or dramatic it always ignites me with the first signs of storms. god. storm season this year. i can only hope I finally get that tornado shot with the big sensor and all the range of light and dark–which in storms, is extreme. 

We’ve had entirely cloudless skies for 8-9 days running which seems always to happen in late February or early march. it’s a small window when I can make these images and now after many years I’m recognizing that window. 

anyways, it’s as cold and lonely and beautiful as it looks and that’s just fine. 

if all goes well, a month from today I will be on the road to Utah to shift from pinks to reds. from prairie and plains to stone and desert. It’s almost too much. 

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