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Tomorrow, we sit down for our weirdest meeting yet. 

Light the Raven Signal!! Something is happening!

I tried not to engage in irresponsible speculation, but, well…

So. What do we know? The script:

Sarah: How did you hear about this guy again?

Sean: Uh, my friend Kyle from fantasy baseball said he helped him out of a jam once.

MK: Isn’t it weird to have an office on a sound stage?

Sarah: I mean at least it’s on a studio lot. That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

[Title]: Who is Shipwrecked meeting?

[Title]: Find out tomorrow!

Things we know about the person they’re meeting:

1. He’s a he.

2. I don’t think he’s someone famous, since at least in-world they sound like they’re not super-familiar with him already. Sarah asks Sean “how did you hear about this guy again?” I think if he was someone well-known the line would have been worded differently. (”How did you get this meeting again?” “How did you get in touch with this guy?” Something like that.) (But see discussion of floor wax below.)

3. He has an office on a sound stage on a studio lot. (At least it’s a studio lot in-world. Though in reality it could have been shot at the YouTube space. I took a quick look at some of the recent BTS videos on MK’s channel without spotting any obvious correlation with what they’re wearing in this video, though I don’t suppose that means anything.)

The “office” offers some interesting set-dressing clues. The guy they’re meeting has a nice-looking office chair to sit in, while the Shipwreckies are in folding chairs (but nice folding chairs with padded seats):

Let’s take a closer look at the desk:

There’s a green-lampshade lamp and a dark… something… on the edge of the desk closest to Our Heroes (partly obscured by Sarah’s head). There’s a Rolodex. And there are three VHS tapes leaning against the lamp. I can’t quite tell what movies they are, but it would be cool if they were significant.

Here they are zoomed in:

Here they are from the reverse angle:

Anyone recognize any of those?

The other interesting thing on the desk is this: On the far corner (from the Fearless Foursome’s perspective) there’s what looks like a dark case of some kind. The lid is open, and there’s what looks like a card or a piece of paper with writing on it stuck on the lid, slightly askew:

No idea what that is, but I’m guessing it’s involved in the scene we’ll see tomorrow.

Backing up and putting on my speculation hat, what do I think?

I think it’s a new project (obviously). I think whoever comes through the door is going to be someone cool and exciting for Shipwrecked fans (since otherwise it would feel like a bait-and-switch to tease his identity so hard).

Something that would be cool would be if it were a character from a previous Shipwrecked production: Poe (which would take some editing), HG, someone from Gilded Lily…

Hm. OR… he could be a floor wax AND a whipped topping. That is, he could be a real person we’d recognize and be excited to see, but in-character as a fictional character involved in whatever the new project is.

What a fun mystery!

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