things lumberjack and I disagree on


are these dealbreakers? you tell me

whether or not tarot cards predict the future
whether or not you can be a psychic
the power of gossip
how often is normal to text (him: only when you have an urgent simple question, me: unlimited, just for chatting, general nerves, cute thoughts)
the importance of cats (!)

Oh also he asked me recently if I “un-dyed” my hair which made me very skeptical he’s ever spent time with any human woman.

It’s a little bit like meeting that cool sprite person in Fern Gully and having to explain literally the entire commercial world to them while simultaneously insisting that world has a right to exist when you know it doesn’t and our souls are in the forest.

If you aren’t following @womenwearingwolves you are srsly missing out.

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