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Bohemian Rhapsody. We Will Rock You. Somebody To Love. All hit singles, and all the direct product of a band that was formed when an astrophysicist and a dentistry major found a new friend in an art college, who then went on to recruit a fourth member from the electronics school. Based on this alliance I propose the rift in society between Arts and STEM students was fabricated to keep us separated so as to dilute our true power – and fabricated by who, you may ask? The business major, the only member of society who reaps no reward from art and science and thus must weaken us so as to stay ahead. In this essay I will

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Tags: i mean, it's a good memory, but I digress, and it was just, that first trailer looks so good, just that shot of the live aid crowd, doing the arm thing to radio gaga, i remember watching that live, linda was a queen fangirl back in hs, so you know we didn't miss that live aid set, (this was in the days before dvrs, and maybe even vcrs? hm. no, i think the weekend night trip to the video store was already a thing., so we had vcrs, but it was a pain to actually record something, you WATCHED it, when it was ON, b/c that's when you COULD watch it, anyway you know we were watching that set, and it was an amazing moment, to see that crowd, and be part of the much larger global virtual crowd, in real time, and freddie had us in the palm of his hand, i'm guessing they're gonna build to that as the climax of the movie, good job freddie, r.i.p..

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