Fury Road, or Massimilio the Mad






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Dramatis Personae:

Massimilio, a madman

Furiosa, an Imperator

Immortale Giovanni, a lord of war

Rictus, son of Immortale Giovanni

Cannibale and Contadino, lesser lords of war

Angela Splendissima, a wife

Capace, a wife

Sapenda, a wife

Daggae, a wife

Fragilia, a wife

Fessura, a soldier

Nux, a dying soldier

my hand ſlipped



The operatic version was composed by Handel and had its first performance in London in 1724.

The voice parts were:

Massimilio – altus (male contralto)

Furiosa – contralto

Immortale Giovanni – tenor

Rictus – bass

Cannibale and Contadino – altus and bass

Angela Splendissima – contralto

Capace, Sapenda, Daggae, Fragilia – sopranos

Fessura – bass

Nux – soprano (trousers role)

The opera was unusual as it was a rare early example of an on-stage instrumentalist – a violinist played the masked role of the “danza guerriera”

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