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@a-solitary-sea-rover: You can tell your mom her team is absolutely in this. Can’t wait to see who pulls it out in the next leg!

Oh, she knows!

Way to keep Mom in the loop. 🙂

Honestly, this is one of those things that happens every so often in sports that if you put it in a movie would be criticized as unbelievable. Ten legs over nine months around the ENTIRE WORLD, and now because of some incredibly badass sailing and a pass in the last few miles the top three teams are going into the final leg tied on points. They’re far enough ahead of the rest of the fleet that none of the others can threaten them, so the final result will be determined by whatever order those three boats finish in.

Any of them can win. MAPFRE, who started incredibly strong and are still right there. Dongfeng, who have sailed so consistently well that even though they haven’t won a leg they would still have a big overall lead if it weren’t for the wind gods destroying them coming into Newport. And Brunel, who started off doing relatively poorly but have come alive at the right time.

Leg 11 starts a week from today, and I have no idea who’s going to win. 😀

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