sunwendyrain: Blue GrosbeakQuintana, Tx #253I love these guys….


Blue Grosbeak

Quintana, Tx


I love these guys. A few early migrants had been seen here and there on the south coast, but I hadn’t had any luck so far. Then some birders reported seeing a lot of them at Barka Slough near Lompoc, and today I had a chance to stop by there on my way to an overnight birding trip in Cuyama.

It was quite windy when I pulled up at Barka Slough, but I figured I’d give it a try. I’d taken only a few steps down the road when I heard a metallic call and there he was, in the tall grass 15 feet in front of me.😀

I’m glad it isn’t always this easy. But it sure was nice this time.

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