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The Silmarillion according to someone who has never read it but only picked up bits and pieces from the tumblr fandom. For shits and giggles! 

  • celeborn = teleporno
  • galadriel absolutely is a badass
  • I love Elwing who hates Elwing I’ll fight them
  • I can’t decide if I blame Wagner or Norse mythology for the murder jewelry
  • I’m literally only making these annoying comments because I really want everyone to know that Celeborn, Galadriel’s husband, a character in Lord of the Rings, is also Teleporno
  • (actually p simple there are two Elvish languages and in one of them he’s Teleporno)
  • what’s important here is that Galadriel is married to a dude named Teleporno
  • in conclusion: Teleporno

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