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So if curative fandom fought transformative fandom, who would win?

curative fandom makes an enormously detailed case with hundreds of citations for why they would win.

tranformative fandom produces emotionally compelling accounts of just about every possible outcome of the fight and then some. most of the stories end in sloppy makeouts.

curative fandom reads these stories, and starts wondering…

transformative fandom reads the detailed case that curative fandom has made and works it into their stories. curative fandom is delighted that their hard work is being read and used.

curative fandom experiments with writing fanfic. their work is dry and sometimes gets bogged down minutia, but it stands out as different. they are encouraged by kudos and positive comments, and start trying out new interpretations of the characters and events of the fight they laid out.

transformative fandom has a go at summarising and breaking down the fight for new and old readers. the casual humour of their presentation, and focus on character tropes over the details of the fight, is strangely compelling to curative fandom.

one day transformative fandom shyly approaches curative fandom. would you go out with me, says transformative fandom.

curative fandom has been imagining this moment a lot. they have precisely delineated every scenario and how it leads to their victory. but they have no idea what to do.

awkwardly, they say yes. they go to see a movie together.

afterwards they are both overwhelmed with excitement. they argue about what the movie got wrong. they both agree: it sucked!

let’s fix it, says transformative fandom.

…ok, says curative fandom.

they work on a fanfic together. curative fandom makes sure it all hangs together, perfect to the lore, and after a while suggests changes to the characterisation. transformative fandom develops the story arcs, and the shipping, and starts offering different interpretations, and pointing out connections that curative fandom missed.

they publish their fanfic. it’s popular! there’s argument in the comments about what they got wrong. curative fandom wants to shut them down, but transformative fandom jumps in to suggest writing more fanfiction with the other interpretations. soon their fic has a thick cluster of fic of its own, and they complicate it by writing fic of fic of their fic. curative fandom is getting a headache, but then transformative fandom suggests they set up a meta-timeline and work out all the different details, and they take to it with gusto.

the fanfics start crossing over and cross-pollinating, but through curative fandom’s efforts, consistency is maintained. curative fandom maintains a detailed wiki provides newcomers with directions and places to start, and takes care of keeping the tags and ship names and AUs consistent.

one day, curative fandom is reading one of transformative fandom’s old fics about their supposed battle. they’re blushing.

what are you reading, says transformative fandom. curative fandom sends them the link.

oh my god what was i thinking this is so bad! says transformative fandom. no no no says curative fandom. i really like it. especially the scene when Curie kisses Tran in the submarine. i had so many feels!

wait what did i just say, says curative fandom.

no go on, says transformative fandom, edging closer. tell me what you liked about that scene.

well, says curative fandom. you got it so right, that’s exactly how they would kiss, I love how you included the detail about Curie’s missing tooth. most authors would forget that. but i was just… i was so happy for curie. they finally got to be with tran, even though it was forbidden and could only happen in a submarine!

transformative fandom smiles. curative fandom looks at them.

oh. says curative fandom.


This is the best thing that could have happened to my post!!

okay so is there a standard term yet for fic about shipping personified abstractions

because this one is right up there with that adorable one about how much Science and SF love each other

I am reliably informed that the term for this is anthropomorfic.

because of course it is.

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