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Alan Block (Mr. Clean on Sailing Anarchy) and Matt Knighton (the OBR for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, the team that won the previous edition of the Volvo Ocean Race) have a new video podcast all about the media coming off the boats in this edition. I am, as you probably will be unsurprised to learn, very excited about it.

I’ve created a spreadsheet to keep track of the metadata for all the Raw Content videos being uploaded off the boats. See here:


Alan made a nice comment on SA about how helpful the spreadsheet was for his preparation for this episode.

Leg 2 of the race started this morning. This is the first full-on ocean-crossing leg: 7,000 miles, finishing in Cape Town about 3 weeks from now. Great footage from the live show, including helicopter shots of them blasting out into the North Atlantic with 30+ knots of wind. Dongfeng was first out of Lisbon, with MAPFRE right behind them.

Holy crumbs, that is a detailed spreadsheet, hats off to you, @lies

And this is a great vidcast, especially the bit about NASA being interested in the VOR as an analogue for travel to Mars.  

[17 hours into Leg 2, MAPFRE are currently leading. Tracker here.]


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