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@lies​ we were literally sitting still for 3 hours, ended up being an 11 hour race ��
I’m super pumped for the racing, its going to be epic being able to actually see it up close and personal! I’m glad someone else thinks its awesome we get to host it again!

It’s beyond awesome. I grew up loving the Cup, the whole idea of it, but it was always overlaid with the knowledge of the bogus shenanigans the NYYC engaged in to hang onto it for so many years. When it went to Perth it was great, and made for super-exciting racing, but honestly one of the best things about it was being able to enjoy it without feeling guilty about the legacy of less-than-fair competition. And in all the moving around since then there have been better and worse incarnations of it, but for my money no one has ever put on a better Cup competition than New Zealand. And since the path to victory for some time now has basically been to hire the best Kiwi sailors, it really feels appropriate that the race is going back there.

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